Welcome Parents, Teachers, Guardians

Welcome to Yogyaland, the land of Yogyas. Yogyaland is a fun place we have built, to help kids lighten up and enjoy. Our aim is to make kids enjoy every bit of their time using our system. There is a bit of education also in our system. We want them to engage into our system giving you space to do you general chores or work on specific things. And we also want to build the system in such a way that you don’t worry about what your kids are doing and trust us completely.

So keeping this in mind, the following is what we have built for kids in Yogyaland

  1. Getting to Know about Yogya: Yogya, though is an Fictitious Character, there is a lot of learning in this character, we have given it many roles to play, a wood cutter, a carpenter, an electrician, and 100 different roles and we keep increasing them. By use of so many different roles, will help your kids to learn the different trades and professions available in the world and what a person can do. We will go one more step ahead of not only introducing the trade, but also give more information about what these trades are, how are they performed, tools being used and many more by means of different games, songs and short videos. We will ensure kids enjoy while they play as well as learn.

  2. Play Games on our website, mobile or facebook: We will have exclusive games that suits Kids to play and enjoy. These games can be on our website or as mobile games or anywhere we seem fit and can be played on. Do you know kids can earn coins when they play our games and not just earn coins, they can store it at Yogyaland to redeem them for many good things.

  3. Watch Videos specifically made for children by Yogya: We create videos that suits children to dance and learn. Our videos will be of two types, one Educational videos, something that children would learn and second music videos which keeps kids engrossed and dance to the tunes. These videos may be with specific to a particular yogya or a group of Yogyas. We want kids to enjoy while they learn.

This is not a complete list and we have planned many things for kids and keep updating this section on and off.

The Educational Edge in our System

Your kids will get to learn a lot when they are part of our system. Weather its learning about Yogyas, different trades / professions available in the world, or living in peace or in harmony, or what good things they can do. We do everything that’s good in our system. Also our Games help them think differently, learn new things, and learn to earn and save. Everything that we build as part of Yogyaland will have an Educational edge and we would like kids to learn as much as they play in yogyaland.

Charges for Using the Website

Membership on Yogyaland is Free. Also, when you register we give your kid few coins and whenever they play our games, they earn coins. Finally when they have more and more coins, just like credit card points, they can redeem for items on our website and also collect multiple Yogyas (The first one if offered for free). That’s cool isn’t it.

Modifications to Website

We keep updating the website every now and then with more games, videos and features that can be used to update the system. Though we also shall send you emails related to releases, we would want you to keep visiting our updates section to know what changed and when. We shall update this section with a New Feature on our website, a New game for different devices (Website,Facebook, IPhone, Ipad, Android, or any Mobile device), a Video on youtube, or anything for that matter that is related to Yogyas or Yogyaland.

When we do any update, we shall update the place where it is made.

Safety on our Website

Since Yogyaland website is for Kids, we have taken precautions to the utmost extent to ensure the kind of information displayed in our system. Our system is completely controlled by us, which means whatever you see in the system is either created by us or you have put it there. Our system is completely safe and the content is acceptable for Kids as well as elders.

However, if we bring in any feature that is related to socializing or connecting between one another, we will make it more secure and moderate them closely. Until then, lets enjoy the system that’s clean and good.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to generate content and material that are of very high standards and nothing that we publish shall be of any objectionable material. If there is anything that we feel is wrong, then we will remove it immediately.

Any Concern

If you have any concern related to our website, our games, videos, anything to do with Yogya or Yogyaland, we want you to tell us. Don’t keep it to yourselves. You can go to our Contact Us page and tell us about it. We will take it seriously and give you preference there. Ensure that you are logged into your Kid’s account when you raise the concern so that we know that you are part of us.