Yogya Tic-Tac-Toe
Yogya Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun and very addictive game for people of all ages...It is a very interactive, mind boggling and experiential game that is based on one of the oldest games Tic-Tac-Toe. The tictactoe game is played against an Artifical Intelligent Character (Enemy) that is appealing to all kinds of people and of all ages.
Coins You Can Earn:unlimited 
Yogya Jigsaw Puzzles
Yogya Jigsaw Puzzles offers children to test their matching skills and keep their mind Sharp. Generally in the Traditional format, Jigsaw puzzles take up large spaces of your rooms, dining table, where you have to assemble each one by one and fix them. Also there is a threat of losing pieces that you will have to keep Yogya Jigsaw puzzles are best for kids of ages 2-10 with various difficulty levels 4,9 16,25 and 36 pieces and can be played online on your PC, Laptop or even on tablets
Coins You Can Earn:250 
Dress Up Yogya
This is a simple game to help children unlock their creativity. You can select dresses and unlock the potential of creating your own Yogya. You can also build any of our 60 yogyas by use of the Reference tool bar
Coins You Can Earn:100 
Search Yogya In Yogyaland
Search Yogya in Yogyaland is a simple innovative game, to allow kids to search different Yogyas who are placed at various places within Yogyaland. There are 2 levels in this game
  1. Search Yogyas in Yogyaland (Open for all)
  2. Random Yogya search game (Only for Members)
Coins You Can Earn:250 

Yogya Job Alphabet is a simple Alphabet learning exercise for children who can learn and acquaint themselves with different available jobs based from their Alphabets. We have listed 60 jobs that children can learn from. Also, to teach these jobs we have dressed up our cute character "Yogya" to become that job so that children can recognize the jobs easily and learn them faster.

Coins You Can Earn:100