Coins You Can Earn:100 

Yogya Job Alphabet is a simple Alphabet learning exercise for children who can learn and acquaint themselves with different available jobs based from their Alphabets. We have listed 60 jobs that children can learn from. Also, to teach these jobs we have dressed up our cute character "Yogya" to become that job so that children can recognize the jobs easily and learn them faster.

This app is great for kids of the range of 3 - 8 and they get to know many types of jobs and what they do. And since All jobs are done by Yogya Character, it makes learning more interesting.

The "Guess Who" game will help Kids to learn the jobs much easily. It gives a random image with 4 options to select. A bad beat message and sound is played when a wrong job Yogya is selected, and a Correct chime is played when the correct job yogya is selected. When you select a correct job, you earn a coin.

Further you can collect coins and store them on your yogyaland account, so that you can redeem them for gifts and discounts. So register at Yogyaland.com and become a member. Its Free!!!. Also being a member of Yogyaland gives you access to all 60 job which a non member can access only 26.

Job Alphabet gets its inspiration from the 1950s British English Grammer Book where they had the Job Alphabet as part of the learning process for children in their primary grades. There is also a French version to this old Job Alphabet.

Credits: The background music in the game is the copyrights of PartnersInRhyme (www.partnersinrhyme.com)