Yogya Jigsaw Puzzles
Yogya Jigsaw Puzzles
Coins You Can Earn:250 

Yogya Jigsaw Puzzles offers children to test their matching skills and keep their mind Sharp. Generally in the Traditional format, Jigsaw puzzles take up large spaces of your rooms, dining table, where you have to assemble each one by one and fix them. Also there is a threat of losing pieces that you will have to keep searching for

Yogya Jigsaw puzzles are best for kids of ages 2-10 with various difficulty levels 4,9 16,25 and 36 peices and can be played online on your PC, Laptop or even on tablets.

Our Jigsaw puzzles are also learning oriented where kids can learn different types of people,trades and jobs. Which all tools they use, their workplace, etc.,

What more? You can earn coins whenever you complete the puzzle. But if you have already played the jigsaw and a particular difficulty level, you will not earn extra coins.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing your yogya jigsaw puzzles.