Search Yogya In Yogyaland
Search Yogya In Yogyaland
Coins You Can Earn:250 
Search Yogya in Yogyaland is a simple innovative game, to allow kids to search different Yogyas who are placed at various places within Yogyaland. There are 2 levels in this game
  1. Search Yogyas in Yogyaland (Open for all)
  2. Random Yogya search game (Only for Members)

Search Yogyas in Yogyaland
Game Instructions: There are 60 yogyas hidden in this Map. You need to find all of them. When you click on them, your found count increases. If you click on the same yogya once again, the count does not change. You need to click on all the 60 Yogyas to complete the game. When you click on the Yogya, it will reveal itself to what kind of yogya it is and what it does for a living. So its not just finding the yogyas but also getting to know about them.

Random Yogya search game
Game Instructions: This game is available only for members who have registered with Yogyaland.
You will be given a Random Picture of any Yogya, which you will have to find where it is placed in Yogyaland. If you find the right yogya, then you will earn coins. You earn 1 coin for every search. You can choose to switch the Random search to Name instead of Picture and in that case when you find the right yogya, then you will earn 2 coins instead of one. You can choose to store these coins into your account to redeem them in the future.