Yogya Activity Book for Kids 1
Yogya Activity Book for Kids 1

This book is set of 16 activities picked up from our existing list of activities that you can find at Activities Section of our website. We have identified 2 good activities of each type so that kids can enjoy doing all kids of activities. The following are the different activities available in this book.
  1. Painting Works - 2 Nos
  2. Pencil Color Works - 2 Nos
  3. Crayon Works - 2 Nos
  4. Connect the Dots - 3 Nos
  5. Maze Puzzles - 3 Nos
  6. Word Search - 2 Nos
Kids can do these activities in their free time can do these activities. We also have listed the Activity URL in the sheet so that when they are done with it, They can upload them to Yogyaland.com and earn 5 coins for each activity. And if we like them, we will give additional coins as well as best work can earn a Certificate from Yogyaland. So why wait, download now and get your kids to do the activities