Who is Yogya?

yogyaYogya (a Sanskrit word meaning "Capable of") is a fictional / imaginary character created by Satish Kota and is a fun loving, simple and appealing character whose main intention is to make children smile, laugh, play and dance. It is a soothing character which can be liked, cuddled and loved.

Yogya is an Eukaryote (amoeba like character), which means it can change into any form and any size. The character is flexible. It can take a shop of a box, a bottle, pot, ring, anything and if you put a yogya within a container, then it can take the shape of that container. It is flexible and the reason for the flexibility is in it's body constituents. Yogyas don't have bones, they don't have organs and everything that happens in their body is by the use of molecules present in their body. In short a yogyas can be related to Snails and Slugs.

Though yogyas are like Snails and Slugs, they are far different from them. They can move faster and also they can bend, rotate, jump, roll, sit, stand, sleep, walk, expand, contract, stretch, etc., with far much flexible and easiness. Below you can find some of the Yogya's move cycle.

Yogyas are effectively amphibians. They can survive in any place. Other than living on the land, they can fly in the outerspace or they can swim within water. How can they do it? Yogyas have specialized water bubbles which get generated within their body. These bubbles help them to feed them oxygen that is required for it to survive. So when they are not in a place where oxygen is not available, these bubbles help them to give that oxygen which is needed for survival. Hence yogyas can live anywhere.

Another aspect of yogyas is their ability to fly, Yogyas are light weight bodies. This give them flexibility to make the best use of the aerodynamics to fly and the fact that they can move their hands with speed and with eloquence, they can fly too.

Yogyas can eat anything, but their liking towards Ice Creams are quite high as they are not only tasty, but they also give them a super energy and super power.

Significance of Icecream

Just like many of cartoon and comic characters who have a special delicacy which give them super power, we at Yogyaland too have our own special delicacy and they are the Ice Creams. So just like Spinach of Popeye or Laddus of Chhota Bheem or Getafix's Magic Potion for the GAUL's, Yogyas get a special energy when they eat Ice creams

One might ask why Ice Cream and not something else? The answer to that lies in their basic body constituency which is no bones or organs. However in case of Ice Creams, thas they are semi-liquid and semi-solid, it helps Yogyas to gulp them at one shot and digest them throughout their body. So precisely speaking, anything that Yogyas eat will get dis-integrated into the whole body giving every part of yogya an energetic super power to do anything and everything.

What is Yogyaland?

yogya-landJust like any fictional character in a fairy tale or animation movies, Yogyas also need a place to live. So we created Yogyaland as the land of Yogyas. In this land you can find everything that is related to Yogya.

Yogyaland comprises of a main island that also looks like yogya. We have incorporated almost everything that a land requires such as mountains, rivers, seas, beaches, rocks, desert, forest, city, palaces, airport, etc., Visit Yogyaland and see for yourselves.

Yogyaland is an Imaginary island constructed in the large water body of the earth in between the areas of South India (Srilanka), Madagascar and Australia. Some also identify this imaginary area as Lemuria or Kumari Kandam. However this is purely imaginary island and for entertainment purposes only.

In Yogyaland, Yogyas live harmoniously in yogyaland. Each Yogya work on their own, using theskills they know. We have a 100 different trades / professions where yogyas engage. You can meet our yogyas and get to know more about their professions or trade. All Yogyas work together. There is peace and harmony in Yogyaland.

Parents and Kids can visit Yogyaland to know more about Yogyas and interact with them. Yogyaland offers kids to play games, watch videos or buy things related to yogyas. Yogyaland is a safe place for kids and we donot divulge your names or emails. Also since kids get to select a Yogya as a pet and give a name to it, that name and character will be used throughout. You can change your pet and give it a new name at all times.

Yogyaland has no relevance to Yogyakarta, a City in Indonesia

Disclaimer: Yogya and Yogyaland are a completely imaginary character and place that has been built by its creator Satish Kota and has no relevance to any existing person, place or set of people. If found relating to such system, person, place or group of people, then it would be purely coincidental.