About Heurion

heurionHeurion Consulting Private Limited is IT Services company based in Bangalore, India. It exists for over 7 years and We have been developing Websites and Mobile applications for our customers across the globe. Yogya and Yogyaland are part of product range of Heurion. Other products of Heurion are

  • TestimonialsFor – www.testifor.com – Online testimonials, reviews and feedback management system for businesses to help them increase their brand and sales. Our integrated referral and recommendation engine helps businesses to grow from their customers.
  • CapableOf – www.capableof.com – Helps users to promote their skills and find jobs for the same skillsets. The skills can be for their professional capability, personal hobby or just for the fun of it. Unlike other job sites, you can search people or jobs based on capabilities.
About Satish Kota

satishSatish Kota has had more than 15 years of experience in IT Industry. Though as Mechanical Engineer by Education, all of his expertise has been in the Computer Industry. As a Serial Entrepreneur, Satish has built and sold companies. Heurion is his Third. Other than running Heurion or spending time on his dream products, his interests are in travelling, watching movies and cartoons.